Ravnur’s Enterprise Video Solutions enable companies to effectively and securely deploy the power of video and other multi-media content to employees, partners and customers across the globe without building additional infrastructure.
With Ravnur, you can use video to:

  • Capture and share know-how across organizational, geographical and language barriers
  • Communicate ideas and information more clearly and effectively
  • Document processes in ways that increase understanding and decrease cost
  • Extend your reach and engage viewers across a variety of mobile devices and operating systems

Speed employee on-boarding

New employees are overwhelmed with information. Enable them to help themselves by creating a library of short help videos and speed the time to productivity.

Improve process and system documentation

Paper-based documentation is expensive to create and maintain, and is often out of date as soon as it’s created. Video is more effective, easier to maintain, and less expensive.

Support communities of interest

Overcome language, geographical and organizational barriers to know-how sharing with engaging video content and bring real attention to your communities of interest.

Enable informal learning throughout the organization

The vast majority of learning in an organization is informal. Empower your employees to share what they know with Ravnur’s video content creation and collaboration tools.